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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Best Friends

Made for each other

I was reading an online article about Cindy Crawford a couple of days ago and was startled when she commented that she didn’t know if she and ex-husband Richard Gere had actually ever been friends. I mean, I guess that explains why things didn’t work out.

The story got me thinking about my own love (lost and found). While my ex and I knew each other peripherally before we started dating, we weren’t what you’d call friends, nor were we friends during our dating years. We went from acquaintances to a period of getting to know each other to a long-term relationship.

With my now-husband, it was different. We started out as friends and eventually began dating. Today we are still best friends, which is what it should be in a relationship and in a marriage.

Have you ever dated or married someone you weren’t friends with? How did that turn out? I think friendship is a key component to a successful and enduring love. In fact, if you’re in an intimate relationship with a person who’s not also your friend, I would question its future potential. Seriously, it’s something to think about. (For the record, though, if you’re already married to this person, I’m not advocating separation or divorce).

I know this isn’t a typical friendship post, but it is the week leading up to Valentine’s Day and I wanted to proclaim:

S + D = Best Friends Forever!!

Dear readers, I hope you can say the same (different initials, of course!) of your significant other. If you don’t have a partner and are looking, keep the friendship aspect in mind. If you don’t have a partner and don’t want one, no worries; it’s not for everybody. Just make sure you have at least one good friend to hang out with and with whom to poke fun at the rest of us.


  1. This is an interesting post, because I don't actually feel that my husband and I are "besties." I was best friends with my first husband for years before we married, and our relationship continued in that vein: best friends who happened to be married. But that turned out to be a pitfall, because we were never truly partners in the sense that one needs to be in a successful marriage.

    D and I often joke about the fact that we're not best friends. I think there are wonderful marriages that have a solid base in friendship; ours just isn't one of them! We are partners, in every sense of the word. We have passion, camaraderie, respect and honesty, and it all goes beyond what I think of as friendship.

    Or maybe I just don't want to call it friendship since I was left with such a bad taste in my mouth from my first "friendly" marriage! ha ha ha....

  2. You've given me much to think about. Good thing I never claimed to know everything! Whatever you call it, I know you and D have a good marriage, and that is a blessing indeed.

    The lesson perhaps is that both friendship and partnership are necessary in marriage. And maybe you don't need to be 'besties' as long as you have what's important - the love, camaraderie, respect and honesty you point out.

  3. I am very blessed to say that my W is my very best friend. Our love began with friendship as well. I agree that both friendship and partnership are necessary in marriage. My favourite place will always be in his arms. K

    1. Awwww. K, I think you need to show this to W :)


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