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Tuesday, 2 February 2016

Book Review: The Man of Her Dreams

Author: Leanne Burroughs
Publisher: Highland Press, 2015
Genre: Historical Fiction, Christian Romance

First Lines:

Miranda skated around the frozen bay, the handsome Norseman holding her hand. Snowflakes lightly fell, gently kissing the earth. She laughed with glee.

Living in Florida, she’d never skated before. Had never even seen snow. She looked about in wide-eyed wonder. Norway was beautiful. Snow-covered cliffs rose above them, as if reaching toward God’s Heaven.

Goodreads Description:

What if your future was the past?

Miranda Wellborn takes a trip of a lifetime to Norway to explore visions given her by recurring dreams. Never in her life does she imagine touching a real Viking ship will send her one thousand years into the past. She is soon claimed by a Viking warrior, the man from her visions. But her dreams are nothing like the reality of living in a time that is not her own, and she struggles to learn how to survive until she can return home.

Agnar Eiricksson hates the Danes. Bent on exacting revenge against them for killing his lady wife, he forges plans to attack their shores and enslave men, women and children. So why would he rather possess one spoil of war than keep her chained with the rest of the thralls?

When Agnar accepts the truth of where she’s from, he must decide if keeping her with him is the right choice. Miranda must use every ounce of self-preservation to keep her heart concealed from her fierce warrior. Where is her destiny meant to be? Back in Florida, or will love win out and keep her with the man of her dreams?

My Review:

Haunted by dreams of a handsome Viking, kindergarten teacher Miranda Wellborn, follows her heart to Norway, hoping to meet the man who’s captured her soul or to finally put those dreams to rest.

On the last day of her trip, she revisits the museum exhibiting the Viking ship she has seen in her mind. When she touches the ship, something amazing happens—she travels back in time and finds herself in the middle of a Viking raid. In an instant her life changes and, by all appearances, not for the better.

But God works in mysterious ways, in ways we cannot understand. Over time Miranda and her Viking, Agnar, fall for one another, but neither wants to admit it. Not only that, but they fight and misunderstand each other at every turn. Such is the tradition of the romance novel, no?

Burroughs has written a captivating story that is difficult to put down. Many twists and turns keep the reader guessing what will happen, even as a happy ending is inevitable and desired. The historical and cultural aspects of the story are well-researched and woven in, including Norse mythology and language. It was interesting to learn about early Christian missionary efforts and how these were received by the Vikings. Burroughs is faithful to show the blending of these traditions and to admit that while some of the Norse people accepted new faith, they didn’t quite give up  the old. Others, of course, became true believers.

A bit racy for Christian readers who may expect a more ‘gentle’ romance, this nonetheless well captures the time, place and people group of the Viking period. Learning more about the characters’ back-stories, we care about them and their outcomes, root for the hero and heroine and revile the villain(s).

An enjoyable read.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Note: I received this book for free from the publisher, but my review is honest and true, unhindered by this fact.


  1. That's quite a unique storyline I would say. It's not my type of genre but you made it sound very interesting.

    1. Thanks, Barb; I'm glad you think so!


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