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Friday, 12 February 2016

Dear Friday

Ah, dear Friday. So challenging to come up with content consistent with the format I’ve been using: ‘Dear Mom,’ ‘Dear Book Club,’ ‘Dear Library,’ etc. I think I’ll keep the subject line, but omit the particular addressees. Let’s think of ‘Dear Friday’ as an opportunity to simply be thankful and let’s remember that “Every good gift and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights…” (James 1:17a, TLV)

As I reflect back on the last couple of weeks, I am thankful: 

+That when my mom fell and broke her rib, she didn’t hit her head and suffer a concussion; she didn’t break her teeth; she didn’t have a heart attack or stroke. Though she is experiencing pain in her right shoulder and arm, her knee is giving her trouble, and it’s not easy to sleep at night, the situation could have been so much worse.
+For my mom’s friend, N, who is close enough to check in on my mom regularly, and is willing to pick up anything she needs during her period of confinement.
+For the fact that chemically-based illnesses like depression and anxiety are being talked about more openly today, stripping away the shame and stigma that some have had to bear for far too long. There is help; there is hope. If you are experiencing one of these, or another condition, talk to someone and get the assistance you need. You are precious and loved.
+For the kingdom work that is happening around the world and right here at home. God (or as they say in Narnia, Aslan) is on the move! It is exciting to partner with Him in whatever ways we are able.
+For prayer-minded friends, who keep the needs of me and my family in front of God. And for the opportunity to pray for them as well!
+For laughter, which is the best medicine! Check out the work of some of our favourite comedians: Jeff Allen, Tim Hawkins, Michael Jr., Steve Geyer, Leeland Klassen.

Today is my husband’s birthday, so I want to send a special shout-out to him. I am thankful for his life, for the way he works hard for me and our family, for the person he is and is becoming. I love you, D!


  1. Aww thanks for telling us we are precious and loved :)


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