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Saturday, 26 March 2016

Saturday Weigh-In

Wow. Another long period has passed since I last weighed in. And the news remains the same: 8 pounds to lose. Once again, it's not a good time to start - Easter Sunday tomorrow and dinner with my mom. But I will pick up the baton again at the beginning of the week.

Strategies are much the same, with two additions:
  • Check in with Cher, my accountability partner, Tuesday and Friday 
  • Stick with the supper meal plan – lentils Monday, leftovers Tuesday, quinoa Wednesday, fish Thursday, beans Friday, leftovers Saturday, and soup or pasta Sunday 
  • Either walk the dog or walk with Leslie Sansone DVDs at least three times, 30 minutes at a time. 
  • We still have a lot of chocolate in the house. Only one piece a day, preferably dark  
  • Don’t eat past satisfied 
  • No bedtime snacking 
  • Four 8-oz glasses of water daily (this is an improvement for me) 
  • Re-read and implement The 17 Day Diet program
  • Check out The Eight-Week Challenge 
If you've been trying to drop some weight, I hope you've been making better progress than I have. Yes? 


  1. I was making great progress (had lost about 40 out of 100 that needed to go) and got depressed and gained back 16. I'm very disappointed. I live in Florida so the weather has been nice. My dog, Franklin, and I have been taking long walks--longer than usual. It's rained the last two nights. Today it's too humid to go for a walk. Franklin can handle it, but heat and humidity make me sick. I'm down in the dumps, so it will be tough to keep my eating under control. Or maybe I'll be so sad I won't eat much. Neither scenario is good. Best wishes with your plan.


    1. Sorry to hear of your weight gain, Janie. I was out with my dog yesterday, and I think dog-owners have a leg-up on the exercise thing (if their dog doesn't stop to sniff every pole and twig, like mine does!). But the heat and humidity can certainly get to you if you live in a climate like yours. Ours can be that way in July and August.

      Hope you are soon back on track and out of the dumps! You've still lost 24, so kudos on that!

  2. Forget about weighing yourself & forget about calories. Just eat real, whole food, nothing processed, preferably organic. Eat lots (lots) of healthy fats like avocado, olive and coconut oil, nuts, etc. and lots of vegetables. You can even have chocolate, just make your own - organic, raw cacao (not cocoa), cocnut oil, a bit of honey or maple syrup (I use very little). You can add nuts or peppermint oil to change it up. It's delicious! Try to stick to a window of about 8 hours a day to eat, stopping at least 3 hours before you go to bed. If you do these things, you'll have more energy and you won't need to think about "exercising", you'll just want to move more. You'll be happier, healthier and you body will thank you. That's just my two cents,..

    1. Thanks for your two cents, Anonymous :) I appreciate you caring enough to get involved and give me some direction! I did begin the 17 Day Diet yesterday (albeit imperfectly), and the first cycle does stress some of your suggestions (minus the chocolate, LOL). I will look forward to trying your chocolate recipe at a later date, but first I want to get my weight where it should be (or at least to the second cycle, beginning April 15).


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