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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Sermon Notes

So, now that I’ve finally wrapped up the A-Z Blogging Challenge from April, and have completed my reflection, I can finally get back to my usual weekly blogging schedule. I can’t promise I’ll write every day, or even every other day, but I’ll do my best with the current restrictions on my time, and hope that you’ll understand. And continue reading.

Last Sunday we had a visiting pastor at our church. Several years ago he and another pastor joined together to plant a new church in one of Canada’s own mission fields, a place where few people identify as Christians. The pastor’s sermon was based on Nehemiah 1: 1-11, wherein Nehemiah, cupbearer to King Artaxerxes, wept over the fallen city of Jerusalem. His points were as follows:
1.      Our hearts break when we see the city as it is.
What was interesting here is that the walls of Jerusalem had been torn down for years. It was nothing new to Nehemiah that Jerusalem had no protection from outside invasion, but it was only now that he wept over it, moved by the power of the Holy Spirit.
2.     Our hearts break when we see God as He is. We underestimate how passionate God is to transform broken people and cities. God has not lost hope. Countless times in scripture we see Him transform and use people that most of us wouldn’t even consider. Today we still hear stories of lives changed through God’s power as His people share the good news with others.
3.     Our hearts break when we see our hearts as they really are. We need to pray that God will show up in our cities, but first show up in us. If our hearts don’t break, they will harden.
Today’s prayer: God, we don’t want our hearts to break, but break our hearts. May Your Holy Spirit move over us so that we can see the city, our own hearts, and You, authentically. Don’t let our hearts be hardened, but let us weep over those who are lost and in need of saving. And fill us with Yourself so that we can share all that Jesus has done as You guide us to those people in whom You’ve already begun to work.

May the words of this song not be just words:

 Give Me Your Eyes (Brandon Heath)

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