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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Have a Good One

At times I am somewhat of a literalist, so it can bug me when people say, "have a good one." "Have a good one what?" I want to ask. A good life? A good idea? A good hair day? 

Why can't, or don't, people complete the sentence properly? Don't they care? Is it really that hard to replace the word "one" with the word "day"? They're both one syllable, three-letter words after all. Who came up with this alternate anyway? Perhaps someone with an interest in etymology can enlighten me.

Any particular phrases that get on your nerves? Feel free to share them in the comments.

And please, have a good day. I insist!



  1. I wrote a comment, but I think I forgot to click on Publish. If you moderate comments and you're receiving this a second time, please feel free to delete it. Fortunately, I remember what I said, which was . . . I hate "I slept in." Slept in what? A cave? Are you a castaway? (I watched the Tom Hanks movie over the weekend.)


    1. No worries, no duplicates! Great comment, Junie - I love it!


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