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Friday, 1 July 2016


Dear God,

Today I am thankful for Canada, the country of my birth and where I have lived all my life. Thank You for all the men and women in our armed services who have sacrificed everything that we might be "glorious and free." Thank You for the freedoms we enjoy and take for granted much of the time. Please continue to keep Your hand upon us.
Happy Canada Day!

I am thankful for my husband and children, for my family. You are working in us, sometimes behind the scenes in ways we cannot see. But I know You are being faithful to complete the good work that You began.

I am thankful for my daughter's camp job, that she can earn some money toward her schooling this fall. Please help her to be a good saver and a wise spender. Thank You for the opportunity You are giving her to learn new skills and build her resume.

Thank You for today's rain. It's been dry here and we need it. Our gardens and growing things thank You, too!

The last few days our dog has had "the runs." Thank You for the American Kennel Club and the advice I found on their website. Last night's pumpkin mixed with his regular dinner seems to have taken effect already. Thank You for providing all good things to make us healthy and strong.

But most of all, thank You for loving us perfectly and completely. How wonderful You are! 


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