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Friday, 9 September 2016

Dear Friday

It's been a busy week and there's much to be thankful for:
1. Got the "kids" moved in to their residence dorms on Monday. My daughter doesn't like us referring to them as "kids," so I had to laugh (silently) when the President, faculty and staff who addressed us Monday identified them as such. One member of the student council even called them "children." LOL

[Aside: I'm confident they're both going to have a great year - they're right where they're supposed to be!]

No, this is not me, but shows one of my neck exercises :)
2. Making progress with my physiotherapy and am down to once a week visits. Now to make sure I faithfully do the exercises to keep things moving forward.

3. Great night at my Christian writers' group. I hadn't been in months and have revised the opening of my novel. Hearing it read aloud I was able to identify some of the problems and begin thinking about how to resolve them before our next meeting.

4. I have more time to write now that my husband and I are empty-nesters. But I haven't spent a lot of time writing this week, focusing on organizing and tidying up some things around the house. Next week I'll have to get back to it, though. There will always be housework to do and I need to prioritize my time so that writing is one of the things that come first.

No, I don't do my laundry old-school, LOL
5. Less laundry and dishes to clean! Smaller grocery, utility and electrical bills!

6. Popped in to pick up one of my son's final projects from a teacher at his old high school. Ended up having a nice chat with two of his teachers from last term, both of whom think a lot of him and are happy about his direction for this year.

7. I did a shift for someone at work a couple of Saturdays ago and didn't have to work today as she filled in for mine. One less shift this week in order to get more done at home!

Yes, my rhubarb was about this big!
8. The rhubarb's been growing like crazy and no one has been picking it. I did it this morning before the predicted rain arrives. A couple of mosquito bites to show for my efforts, but also - stewed rhubarb, rhubarb pie, strawberry and rhubarb jam (not yet, but hopefully soon - first I will wash, cut and freeze what I'm not immediately using).

Well, enough about me! What are you thankful for today?


  1. I am thankful that today's my day off. Great post, Susan. K


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