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Wednesday, 21 September 2016

I'd Rather Be Writing

I'm finding it a bit difficult to get  into a regular routine this fall. Part of that is having my son back home for a couple of weeks as he has decided to put off college and to move in with a friend at the beginning of October. He needs some time to think about what he wants to do with his life and, as he puts it, "adultify." Another part is my pastor's recent death and my re-evaluation of priorities.

I've considered blogging an exercise in writing, but sometimes my devotion to it means that my other writing - the writing I should be doing -  winds up on the back burner. And the truth is, I need to make my "real" writing happen. For that to occur, I need to put regular blogging aside, at least for a time. Right now I only have 12 followers and others who check in when I post to Facebook or who visit from Question of the Month, Six Words, or Flashback Friday. I may continue writing for those hops since they pop up only monthly. And at some point I may return in full force, but first I need to get my house in order (both literally and figuratively) and establish better habits.

My readers are nothing if not understanding. I so appreciate each one of you and wish you well as you continue your work in the blogosphere. Keep thinking, writing, and challenging others to do the same in an atmosphere of encouragement and respect.

Please revisit this page on occasion to see if there's anything new. In the meantime, cheers!

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