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Thursday, 8 December 2016

Friendship Follow-Up

In January I wrote that “I want to build deeper relationships with my best friends and make a point of cultivating one or two new friendships.” On Thursdays I was supposed to write on the subject of friendship and/or let you know how I was coming along with my goal.

Fact is, I haven't written anything more on this topic since the end of March as far as I can see. I apologize for that. Seems like I'm doing a bit of apologizing lately (see yesterday's post!). 

Did I stop working on my intention? Was I succeeding so well that I didn't need to write about it anymore? 

Yes and no. I think I stopped intentionally working on my intention but did succeed in taking some of my friendships to a deeper level. Unfortunately, this mainly happened through online means, though I'm still happy these friendships developed further. 

This season I'm having my book club over for a "Christmas" potluck luncheon. That should be a nice change. My writers' group is getting together for an evening of mocktails/cocktails and games. A friend and I are having lunch next week. 

There is still friendship work to do in 2017. I haven't thought beyond bringing you up to date with this year's "achievements" in terms of the hows and whos.  I do plan to attend a regular women's group at church this coming winter, so I may meet some new friends there.

If you've been working on growing your circle of friends or taking your current friendships deeper, how's that been working for you? Any thoughts or tips to share?


  1. You don't need to apologize to us. Other than online friends, I do not work on cultivating friendships, although I have made a small change to one local friendship. I am an introvert. Being around people leaves me with severe anxiety. I have a change in mind for the near future. I'm not going to talk about it because I'm not sure I'll follow through.


    1. I'm an introvert as well, Janie, but thankfully don't suffer from extreme anxiety. I understand your reticence to share when you're not sure you'll follow through, but good luck with the change you're thinking of making. Maybe it's something you can share once you're on the other side of it.

  2. Hi Susan! After nursing my husband at home for 3 years I found out who the real friends were. And the older I get the less I feel the need to cultivate those that are not 'real'. Finding new friends seems like a good idea! I love on-line friendships!!

    1. I love online friendships, too, Paula - they've led to some meaningful in-person get-togethers (though too geographically distant to be more than once or twice in a lifetime). Sometimes you just need friends with skin on :)


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