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Monday, 5 December 2016

Question of the Month

Michael no longer answers his own questions because he's a busy guy, but he continues to engage us in this bloghop with his interesting inquiries. (This phrasing is borrowed from Janie. I hope she doesn't mind).
This month, Michael wants to know

“What does retirement look like for you?”

What’s your best realistic prediction for your state of affairs when you finally drive off into the sunset? What did you retire from? Do you have a partner/kids/grandkids or more? Where are you living? What do you do with your free time? Do you travel and take adventures? Or do you make a nice cosy nest and get comfortable in it? If you’re already retired, feel free to talk about how your retirement compares to what you expected it to be.
My answer: My husband and I recently met with our financial advisor, and it looks like we're pretty much on track to meet our retirement needs, assuming there are no major changes in our planned lifestyle. My husband is a building operator and I work as a librarian. At present we have two young adult unmarried children. By the time we exit our workplace, anything is possible with respect to their marital and parental statuses.

I suppose this is pretty unexciting, but we plan to continue living where we are now. Our home is just the right size for the next stage in our journey, we like our neighbourhood and neighbours and, as far as that goes, we like our home! We may think of taking a month or six weeks to go somewhere warmer in the coldest months (southern U.S.) and we do want to do a little traveling. I have several places still on my bucket list, and I'm sure more will be added.

Other than that, I expect I'll do more writing and submitting of my work, read books, go for hikes and that sort of thing. My husband looks forward to learning how to do stained glass,  keeping active with handyman activities, and doing more reading. We both still have our parents (thank God), so depending on their state of health, it's possible we'll also need to do some eldercare.

While we're not wishing our lives away and are enjoying the stage of life we're currently in, retirement is something we definitely think and talk about. It's coming eventually, ready or not.

What are your thoughts on retirement?


  1. I don't mind about the wording in the least. I didn't know what else to say. Your retirement plans sound ideal.


  2. You and your husband sound to be making your plans the right way. Though not to discourage you, just keep in mind about those best laid plans and what can happen. My philosophy is to be open to anything that may come your way, but hope that things are good.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  3. We're really looking to downsize in the next year or so. The property and six bedroom house is too much for us. It's nearly a full time job in the summer months.

    1. I can imagine, Susan. Our house keeps us busy enough and we still have plenty of decluttering to do. Best wishes for your downsizing plans!

  4. I like your retirement plans. They are sound simple and satisfying.

    1. Thanks, Toinette - the older I get, the more simple I like things :)

  5. Oh retirement plans. My retirement started suddenly on a Friday night when my husband had a stroke and could no longer be left at home alone. He was already retired! And I found that there wasn't nearly enough money saved to sustain the type of lifestyle that we had been hoping for retirement. Medical expenses and the lack of my income ate that all up quickly. But I persevered. And I'm still retired. And I am looking forward to downsizing in the future. I think you have your plans in place! Good luck!

    1. I'm sorry you began your retirement in such an unexpected way, Paula. Your husband was fortunate to have a wife who was a nurse and could take care of him. I'm sure he greatly appreciated everything you did for him. You are obviously a strong woman to have persevered through everything. Best wishes for your downsizing efforts!


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