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Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Right Now

Drinking: more water! It's always a struggle for me, but I know how important it is for good health, including brain health. Did you know your brain actually shrinks when it's dehydrated?!

Eating: more healthfully (I hope). Mind you, I did have a small bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with nutty pecan bunches this morning. However, after reading the nutrition label, this is the last time I'm going to buy HBO. Way too many ingredients on the list, many of them sugars...

Reading: Moneysense, the December 2016 issue. Apparently the January '17 issue is the last print copy as they are going completely digital. I'm hoping my library system offers it on Zinio as the only magazine I personally subscribe to is Allergic Living (for my daughter). For those who are interested, AL covers topics like allergies, asthma, gluten-free, etc.

Still reading All In by Mark Batterson and The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Diet by Rip Esselstyn.

Watching: Last Man Standing, Season Two - one disc left to go!

Listening: by choice, Chris Tomlin's new album, Never Lose Sight; under duress, Marilyn Manson (my son plays it when I drive him to work). Not linking.

Creating: continuing to work away on edits to my novel; submitted the Chicken Soup for the Soul piece earlier this week

Buying: margarine - I'm all out!

Pondering: the role models we choose, whom we seek to emulate; how we can figure out who we are when we're putting all our time and effort into following the examples of other flawed human beings. Our best role model is Christ and we should be getting to know him through Bible reading and teaching.

Anticipating: visiting my mom on the weekend and trying curling with friends. Hopefully they won't hate me afterward; I am not a sporty person!



  1. Enjoying your diary-like entries VERY much, Susan. If you are healthy, I wouldn't worry about the 10 pounds too much. There's an age when we just gain a bit and then right after that there's an age when we lose it.
    I keep a glass of water (that I refill) out on the kitchen counter and have a drink every time I go by (which is a lot). I like it that way -- not cold.
    I've been having a bit of warm milk, farro (pre-cooked) and bran sticks with a tiny bit of fruit on top, plus pb (small amount) --- and coffee. I don't know if it's good for me but it's certainly something to look forward to each morning.
    Here's to 2017!

    1. Glad to hear you're enjoying these posts! Thank you!

      I think it *is* healthier to drink your water at room temperature. Kudos to you on a system that works for you!

      I'm not familiar with farro and am off to look that up. By 'bran sticks' I think you mean original All-Bran?

    2. hi susan, some call Farro Italian Spelt but I think of it as a large rice with a nutty taste. I add a tablespoon to the warmed up bran (fibre-first blue menu bran 'sticks' - but others will do). I've also added it as the starch to a veggie dish, but it's high in protein, I've read.
      Also back on sweet potatoes more regularly. They are lovely and good for you. And filling.

    3. Yes, in doing my research, I discovered that farro and spelt are not exactly the same thing, though some think the two are interchangeable. I will look for it on the grocery shelf. Am I most likely to find it with the grains?

      I do enjoy sweet potatoes!

  2. I found that once I started buying bottled water I was more apt to drink more. I cannot stand our tap water. So many chemicals!

    1. My daughter hates the tap water in the city she's living in as well. She doesn't mind ours though, and we have a reverse osmosis system that takes care of impurities. Whatever works. Also water-dense foods!!

  3. I go through phases of being a great water drinker and then I stop. Thanks for the reminder. I'll make sure I have a nice big glass this evening. So tell us what you really think about Marilyn Manson. I've only listened to one of his songs once. I was surprised that I liked it. But one song does not allow for a fully-formed opinion.


    1. You're welcome for the reminder, Janie :)

      I haven't heard a lot of Marilyn Manson's music; my son just started playing it in the car this week. What I've heard so far sounds pretty screamy and unintelligible. One song, 'Deep Six,' has the clever lines, "You want to know what Zeus said to Narcissus? 'You'd better watch yourself'", but I completely disagree with Manson's bridge in this piece, which asserts "Love is evil, Con is confidence
      Eros is sore, Sin is sincere." Overall I am not a fan of Manson personally, regardless of any musical or writing ability. Our worldviews are diametrically opposed and will remain so unless Manson changes his.

      Susan :)


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