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Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Right Now

I decided to focus on just one thing in today's Right Now post. It's late and I didn't have time to work on it first thing this morning as I usually do. So today it's just about what I'm

This is how I used to work!
Creating: I worked on revising a section of my novel today for this month's submission to my critique group. It motivated me to do more revisions and to move forward with this project. I still have a lot of space that needs creating so I can function, and I need to create beauty in my living room/dining room/kitchen before my book club meeting on Friday, so I will be busy between now and then (when I'm not working or attending my life group meeting). My husband pretty much demolished our main bathroom on the weekend, so we will need to get to work on recreating (remodeling) that room in the very near future. We've chosen our new tub and shower surround, but we also need flooring, a new toilet, sink and vanity. I'm sure it will look great when it's done. In the meantime we are fortunate to have a two-piece off of our master bedroom and a three-piece in the basement!

Yay, we don't have to resort to this!

What have you been creating lately?


  1. I'm working on my spring mantle. It is looking so bright and beautiful!

    1. Hope you will post a photo on your blog when you are done! It does feel like spring right now, doesn't it? Very hopeful!


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