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Monday, 8 May 2017

A to Z Challenge Reflections Post

This year's A to Z Blogging Challenge wrapped up a week ago and participants have been asked to provide feedback on how things went.

I've done the challenge several times now, but this year was a little different as the organizers dispensed with the linky sign-up list in favour of a daily check-in when your post went live. You were then encouraged to visit the bloggers who'd commented immediately before you.

This system worked very well for me, even though it meant a daily commitment to check in. Everyone listed had a relevant post for that day's letter and you pretty well knew what to expect (in terms of topic) when you got there.

One thing that didn't work so well for me was creating "clickable links." These were what we were supposed to use when "commenting" on the A to Z website. While initially the system worked for me, something went sideways at some point (I didn't know until it was pointed out to me at letter W). A note to myself is that if I use this next year, I should test my clickable link to make sure it's functioning properly.

Sometimes I visited blogs and couldn't think of anything to say. In those cases I didn't leave a comment. On other occasions I visited blogs that made it difficult to comment - you had to sign up for a particular commenting system. Some bloggers kept comment moderation in place. 

I added a couple of new blogs to my "Please visit my friends!" sidebar: 

Girl Who Reads - really, can you ever read too many book reviews?

Tamara Narayan, who I remember from my Notes from Innisfree days. Her conspiracy posts were fascinating!

I also joined #FridayFive after visiting Lauren at Milly's Guide.

There are several blogs I want to go back and finish reading, including Milly's Guide. And other bloggers I still want to visit, or visit again. Time was a precious commodity during the challenge, partly because I didn't pre-write my posts and partly because... life.

I've never participated in the Facebook or Twitter sides of A to Z due to time constraints and I don't know if I ever will. But the challenge is definitely something I look forward to year after year, and I already have a good idea of what my theme will be in 2018.

Were you an A-Z Blogger? Are you planning to join the challenge next year?

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