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Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Book Review

Title: Boy Meets Depression: or Life Sucks and Then You Die Live
Author: Kevin Breel
Publisher: Harmony Books, 2015
Genre: Nonfiction, Memoir, Inspirational

First Lines:
Memoirs are an interesting, imperfect sort of thing. I always used to wonder who these people were who wrote about themselves, and why they would ever want to do such a thing. From the outside, it looks impossibly selfish. Yet from the inside, it's a bit like pulling your heart out of your chest and gluing it to paper. Plus, when you grab the shovel to start digging up yesterday, you notice that maybe the weirdest part about life is how little of it we actually remember or remember clearly. ~From the Introduction
Goodreads Description:

Kevin Breel burst into the public's awareness when at 19 his TED talk became a worldwide phenomenon. Star athlete, ace student, and life of the party: in short, he was every parent’s dream. From the outside his life looked perfect. On the inside, though, the pain and shame of depression were killing him. Now, in his first book, he smashes the silence surrounding what it’s like to be young, male, and depressed in a culture that has no place for that. Through the lens of his own near suicide, he shows other sufferers that the real miracle of life isn't found in perfection, it's in our ability to heal and accept the dark parts of ourselves.

My Review:

Breel is an excellent writer (and he was only 21 at the time this book was published!). Here he shares his personal story, from his childhood to the onset of depression and through the other side. From pages 120 onward, the reader gets a better understanding of what depression is like from an insider's perspective and what helped him survive it. He encourages depressed individuals to seek help and inspires with his own survival. Those who are not depressed will develop more compassion for others who struggle with mental illness and issues.

Though he can be a bit crass at times, you know Breel is the real deal, always.

A Few Favourite Quotes:

Good advice is hard to find and even harder to accept. Accept it anyway. One day, you’ll wake up and wish you had done it sooner.
The thing about people though, I think, is that our hearts tend to do a great job holding on to the horrible stuff and a horrible job holding on to the good. Or at least we're like that until we learn how to not be like that.
The thing that finally gave me freedom, and took me forever to figure out, is you need to separate your issues from your identity. Your pain is not your personality. Your struggle is not a summation of your soul. 
 My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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