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Friday, 8 January 2016

Dear Friday

I initially discovered Dear Friday at Paula’s blog, Smidgens, Snippets and Bits. Basically, Dear Friday is a way of reporting on the week through letters. Here goes the first Color Me Writing edition:

Dear Mom, I’m glad you can be back at home after a protracted stay with us. Your house is ready for you and I know you missed the familiarity of your city and neighbourhood, and wanted to be closer to your doctor and church. You will miss us but you’re where you need to be and I get that. I love you, Mom, and want the best for you!

Dear Me, Intentional is a great word for your year. Just be wise and don’t try to tackle too many projects or you’ll get overwhelmed. You’ve started off well; keep looking and moving forward. And don’t forget to take care of yourself!

Dear Jas, Speaking of taking care of me, you are a great registered massage therapist. Thank you for working on removing the tightness from my muscles, especially in my neck and shoulders. I love how you are motivated to help people, how you love to come into work every day, and how you leave feeling you’ve accomplished much good in the lives of the people you’ve touched (pun intended).

Dear Indi, Thanks for leading the Facebook daily Bible study. It’s simple, but effective, getting us into God’s Word every day.

Dear Waylon B. Moore, Thanks for writing Living God’s Word, showing the reader why it’s important to know what the Bible says and teaching us how to live it out.

Dear God, Thank You for the beginning of a great year, much of which is still a blank slate just waiting to be filled in. I can’t wait to see what You and I will accomplish together as I let Your light shine through me.

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