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Wednesday, 6 January 2016

Webbed Wednesday - Happiness

When you looked at my blog outline a few days ago, you may have thought, ‘what the heck is Webbed Wednesday’? I appreciate the question.

Webbed Wednesday is merely my opportunity to introduce you to a new website, blog or techy thing that I think might pique your interest. The emphasis is likely to be on the first two on the list as, trust me, I’m no techy.

It’s January 6. Have you broken your resolutions already? Starting to feel discouraged, depressed, even a little gloomy? Take heart – happiness is a choice! Yes, life is hard, sometimes we get blindsided, really bad things happen. But have you noticed there are basically two kinds of people in this world? Some people have a hard row to hoe – maybe they have cancer or they’ve lost a loved one or they’ve just been downsized out of a job they’ve held for over 25 years – but still they manage to stay positive and encourage others with their outlook. Other people go through the valley of the shadow – and oh, everybody else hears about it and gets dragged down with them. What’s the difference?

I believe it’s perspective. And it’s something we can all learn if we’re willing to be intentional about it.

‘Okay,’ you say, ‘I’m tracking with you so far. But what does this all have to do with webbed anything?’

Another great question, and thank you for keeping me on point. What this brings me to is Jennifer Flanders’ blog post on the subject of how to be happy, or at least happier. Intrigued? I thought you might be.

You can read Jennifer’s post here. I hope it helps you in your journey to greater contentment in 2016. Mine, too. Let’s choose the attitude that will best serve us all our days, instead of being slave to negativity.

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