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Wednesday, 10 February 2016

One-Off Wednesday: When You Feel Like Slapping Yourself

Have you ever driven while tired? Your eyes can hardly stay open and you keep yawning? Ever been so tired behind the wheel that you’ve slapped yourself in the face?

I have. A couple of times. And it’s not good.

Instead of slapping yourself, how about pulling over and catching a few Zs? Even a fifteen minute catnap is better than falling asleep while driving. We all know how that ends.

Other options?

  • Get someone else to do the driving
  • Get someone else to ride shotgun. This should be someone lively and vibrant, who can keep the conversation flowing.
  • Grab a large coffee from home or your favourite brewer (or, as I prefer, a small French Vanilla cappuccino from Tim Hortons)
  • Have a cold, wet washcloth with you and apply it to your face as necessary. But try not to be distracted by this action; it could cost you demerit points if you’re pulled over or your reaction time could be slowed.
  • Listen to upbeat music on the radio – none of that classical stuff.
Here are some albums (along with a sample song) that helped me through a recent one-hour drive:

New World Son: Rebel Transmission

Canadian group from southwestern Ontario. Such a fun group - love their music, and I'm sure you'll see why. Here's Selah

Peter Furler: On Fire

Aussie artist and former lead of the Newsboys. Enjoy I'm Alive 

Greg Sczebel: Here to Stay

Greg is a Canadian artist. I couldn't find a video that suited me from the aforementioned album, but this song will give you a taste of his music. Causin' a Commotion

What are some of your strategies or favourite driving music to avoid self-slapping?

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