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Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Book Review: Sowing Seeds: Writing for the Christian Children's Market

Author: Kathleen M. Muldoon
Publisher: E&E Publishing, 2010
Genre: Non-fiction, Writing

First Lines:

Jesus loved children. Whenever I read a gospel account of Jesus with a child (for example, Matt. 18:2-3), I see an image of Him wrapping an arm around that little one and exchanging endearing looks with him or her. Whenever I write for Christian children, I get a similar image of loving parents reading my book or story to their sons and daughters, and that makes my heart sing. [From the Introduction]

From Goodreads:

Because you have picked up this book, I assume that you too have felt leanings toward writing for the Christian children's market. God has blessed you with writing talent, and you would like to use that talent to sow faith seeds. What better place to start than with children who are just beginning or have taken their first faltering steps on their own faith journeys? Or what of the special ministry to teens who may be at a crossroads in their faith lives? Writing for Christian children covers the gamut of ages, from cradle to college-bound.

In this book, we will explore the various types of writing in this specialized ministry and discuss the vast mission field of writing for the Christian children's market.

So, are you ready? Then dig out your notebook, sharpen your pencil, and crank up your computer; we'll begin by studying the first great commandment of writing for this special market....

..".cover[s] all the aspects of writing for children that I would have included if I had written this book myself-but perhaps d[oes] it even better than I could have." -Sally E. Stuart, Christian Writer's Market Guide

My Review:

It took me a while to read through this book, partly because there’s a lot of excellent information, partly because I received it as a PDF and I’m the kind of reader who prefers to hold a book in her hands and to manually turn the pages.

That being said, the first positive was the foreword by Sally E. Stuart, who prepares the well-known and useful Christian Writer’s Market Guide. To have her endorsement was quite a coup for Muldoon and definitely gave the book great credibility, at least in my eyes.

The book will help both the novice and those of us who have previously written and published. Muldoon goes into great detail about the various kinds of writing one can do for children and how to do it well and also spends a lot of time on the subject of preparing your work for submission. This latter is especially helpful since many writers find this the most tedious and difficult part of the process. One thing the book clarified for me was the whole area of analyzing publishers to determine the best place to send my work. I’d never had it spelled out the way it is here and I finally ‘get’ it. This alone would be worth the price of the book.

Each section includes ample examples and ends with an exercise to cement the concepts being taught. In the back pages are useful lists of resources and recommended reading. Highlighted throughout are the importance of prayer and the reflection of your own faith in your work for children.

Please note I received this book free through the BookCrash program in exchange for my honest review.

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars


  1. Let me know when you've written your memoir, "My Life as a Pantser," I'd love to read it :D As a fellow pantser I'm sure I'll find it inspirational.
    My favourite writing genre is YA. I'm in the process of writing my first novel - a Christian adventure/crime/mystery :)

    1. Great to meet another pantser! I will definitely let you know if/when I write the book. I'd love to know when yours is written as well. First of all, I don't mind reading teen fiction, even at my age. Secondly, I love a good mystery. And finally, but most importantly, I'm a Christ-follower too!


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