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Tuesday, 14 June 2016

Book Review: The Girl in the Song

Author: Chrissy Cymbala Toledo
Publisher: Tyndale, 2015
Genre: memoir, Christian

First Lines:

From the prologue:

I didn’t want to look in the mirror – I loathed the person who stared back. She was selfish and ungrateful and had blown it over and over again. Her decisions over these past years had created a deep crevasse between her and the people who loved her.
Will there ever peace between us again? I wondered.

Goodreads Description

Chrissy grew up surrounded by the beauty of love and the ugliness of pain. The daughter of a pastor whose church was located in a rough-and-tumble area of Brooklyn, she witnessed the ravaging effects of the streets on the lives of the most desperate—drug addicts, derelicts, and other destitute people. Yet her own home was a haven of warmth, filled with affection and love.

Then something happened that tore her away from it. With the flip of a switch, Chrissy fell deeper and deeper into deception where haunting images and songs pointed to one thing—perfection. Longing to be the girl in the song, she became entangled in an obsessive relationship. Before long, secret after secret led her down the path to becoming someone she didn’t even recognize. Locked in to an impossible life, Chrissy found release from a surprising direction.

Girl in the Song tells the gripping, true story of a young woman whose choices led her to despair and incredible triumph. More than the story of one lost girl, Chrissy’s experience points to the power of hope to lead us away from destructive relationships and into a life that just might end happily ever after.

My Review:

After reading several of Jim Cymbala’s books this year and doing one of his DVD teaching series, I was interested in knowing more about the story of his daughter, Chrissy. In what way had she turned her back on faith and family, and what form had her rebellion taken? More importantly, what was the story of her journey back to God after years of being separated from Him?

Girl in the Song tells Chrissy’s story in her own words and is powerful demonstration of God’s redeeming grace in a person’s life. As Chrissy shares what led her down the wrong path, many will be able to relate: the desire to be seen as beautiful, to be wanted, to belong are powerful drives. Coupled with the harbouring of secret thoughts and actions, these desires can be dangerous, destructive and deadly. As Chrissy engaged in repeated habitual sins, there were times when I wanted to shake her. Other times I recognized the futility we shared.

Chrissy was blessed to be part of a loving, caring family and to have supports waiting for her when she finally decided she was ready to change. Today she lives an amazing life as a wife, mother, and choir director. She hopes that sharing her story here will help other girls who may feel as she did.

Highly recommended for both teens and parents of teens/young adults, especially those who are Christian.

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

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