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Monday, 27 June 2016

Intentional Parenting, Part 3

Today I'm taking a departure from the format of the last couple of weeks on this subject and borrowing The Christian Parents' Pledge from V. Gilbert Beers. This is copyrighted material, but free to distribute in non-profit ways.

10 simple daily commitments that will revolutionize families and the world. Parenting is an "each day" activity - each day that is lost is lost forever, each day gained is forever too!


With God's help, and to the best of my abilities, motivated by joy and not guilt, I will seek to do each of the following.

1. EACH DAY, I will spend at least as much time with my child as I do with my TV.

2. EACH DAY, I will share at least one fun-filled learning experience with my child.

3. EACH DAY, I will affirm my child as a person.

4. EACH DAY, I will affirm my  mate (if I am married) or a significant other in my child's life (if I am not married) in the presence of my child.

5. EACH DAY, I will affirm my Lord (praise Him, thank Him, honor Him) in the presence of my child.

6. EACH DAY, I will say "I love you" to my child.

7. EACH DAY, I will make one truth from God's Word the delight of my child's life.

8. EACH DAY, I will pray for my child by name.

9. EACH DAY, I will read something to my child that will build his/her love for the Lord and the joy of reading.

10. EACH DAY, I will help my child feel the warmth of my personal presence - a hug, a kiss, sitting on my lap.

[For myself I have not done these perfectly each day, and perfection is not the goal, since that will inevitably lead to guilt. But I think these are great principles and worth striving for. As long as your children are at home, it's never too late to start! Why not post these somewhere to remind yourself often of your daily 'commitments'?] 

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Have a blessed week!


  1. They are excellent principles. We can't be perfect, but we can strive for excellence.


  2. Amen! Love this post.
    Stopping by from the Blogging A to Z Road Trip. :)

  3. Yes, they are great principles. Thanks for sharing.


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