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Thursday, 10 November 2016

Ten on the Tenth

Occasionally on my old blog I participated in Ten on Tuesday, a hop hosted by Carole at Carole Knits. I've just discovered that Carole now hosts Ten on the Tenth and Think Write Thursday and I'm excited to be part of that for the first time today! 

This month's Ten on the Tenth prompt is: what are ten things you enjoy about this time of year? That should be fairly easy!

1. Fall colors!

2. Cool, crisp autumn air.

3. Turning on the fireplace for the evening.

Our fireplace is more traditional than this one.

4. Saying good-bye to the humidity of summer.

5. Using the slow cooker more often.

Potato soup!

6. Harvest foods: especially pumpkin, squash, yams and beets!

7. Remembrance Day ceremonies (I think you call it Veterans' Day in the States). Remembering those who fought in wars so that we could enjoy our freedoms. And believe me, we're all about expressing our freedoms!!

Thank a veteran. Many died so we could live.

8. Well into routines. Back to school, back to work, back to normal!

9. More comfortable to walk the dog at noon instead of first thing in the morning.

This is not me, or my dog.

10. Yummy soups like chili, lentil, butternut squash, French onion...

And since it's November 10th I want to acknowledge my grandparents. If they were still alive, they'd be celebrating their 88th wedding anniversary today. Just thinking about their love for (and commitment to) one another makes me happy.

If you'd like to join us for Ten on the Tenth, just visit Carole's blog and sign up! 


  1. Lack of humidity and using the slow cooker more often are lovely things to appreciate about fall. I just started some creamy chicken and wild rice soup for tonight and it smells wonderful already.

  2. I agree on the slow cooker/comfort food meals!!

  3. Slow cooker comfort foods are great!


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