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Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge: in Review

Thought I'd revisit the Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge in one last 2016 post. Finished my last letter over the weekend. Woot!

The table below compares the books I planned to read with the books I actually read. If I read the book intended, it appears only in the January column.

List in January
Actually Read

I intend to participate in the 2017 challenge as well and none of the unread 2016 titles will appear in my new to-read list (which I'll post next month).

At the time of this writing I've read 89 books for my 52 book Goodreads challenge. Typically I read at least 70 books annually (including the odd children's picture book), so I think I'd best increase my total-number-of-books challenge to this number in 2017.

Happy holiday reading, everyone! I hope you are gifted no less than one good book this Christmas and will check back with you next week to find out. 

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