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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Saturday Weigh-In

After this morning I'm not weighing in again until 2017. I still have 7.2-9.2 pounds to lose. Last week I shared some of the inspiration I hope to get from books in order to achieve my weight goals.

But today is Christmas Eve, for goodness' sake! Between now and New Year's Eve day, there will be many delectables to enjoy, albeit in moderation.

Does anyone have a special Christmas Eve meal that is part of their tradition? I'd thought of making tourtiere, which is very Canadian, but with all of the prep for tomorrow, I didn't want more work. Maybe next year if I can get it made ahead. Instead, we're having a fairly light soup supper followed by rice pudding. I'll bake an almond into it for luck, though we're not Swedish. After supper we're off to a Christmas Eve church service, and I imagine we'll be watching It's a Wonderful Life this evening.

Tomorrow's menu consists of:
  • turkey (for the non-vegetarians)
  • stuffing
  • lentil walnut loaf
  • mashed potatoes
  • gravy
  • a sweet potato/yam dish, which is being contributed
  • a green veg dish, also contributed
  • cranberry sauce
  • homemade dinner rolls
  • a jello mold - haven't made one in years!
  • chocolate cake, contributed 
What's your favourite part of the Christmas meal? Mine is the stuffing!


  1. My favorite part of the Christmas meal is not cooking it. I've been pretty good about not eating everything in sight, and Franklin and I went for a nice walk today.


    1. Sounds lovely, Janie! We ended up not having the soup and rice pudding, and I was totally okay with that... Sometimes all you can do is all you can do. I have to admit that eating out or catering in sounds good for next year. Glad to hear you're not eating everything in sight :)

  2. Mine is stuffing too!! Hope your Christmas was Merry!


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