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Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Bookworm Meet-up: Review

Title: Loved Back to Life: How I Found the Courage to Live Free
Author: Sheila Walsh
Publisher: Thomas Nelson, 2015
Genre: non-fiction, inspiration, mental health, Christian memoir

Goodreads Description:

Beautiful and talented, Sheila Walsh was at the pinnacle of her career, appearing daily on television as cohost of The 700 Club. One day she found herself walking away from it all and checking in to a psychiatric hospital, where she stayed for a month.

From the outside everything seemed fine, but on the inside Sheila was in trouble. In her journal she wrote, “Lord, please hold me. I’m falling into a dark well. I feel as if I am disappearing a little more every day. I am so angry inside that I am afraid of myself. I feel so alone.” How did this happen? What brought her to her knees?

Loved Back to Life takes readers on Sheila’s journey of the soul from hopelessness to joy as she finds that although the road was scary, at every turn God beckoned her to follow and trust Him. And He did not let her down.

My Review

This was an exceptionally well-written book by "celebrity" Christian author, Sheila Walsh. While I'm not familiar with her musical origins or her work on the 700 Club, I've certainly seen her name around with respect to her books. 

Walsh addresses a topic that is only beginning to make inroads in the church. In previous decades mental health issues have been swept under the carpet, and the people suffering from them spoken of only in whispers. "Lack of faith," "spiritual attacks" and "sin" have been identified as the culprits in the lives of these individuals. Sheila debunks these theories and offers her story as a case study, offering thousands of sufferers the compassion and understanding they deserve. 

I couldn't put this down and highly recommend it to anyone who has a mood disorder, or who loves someone experiencing depression, anxiety or bipolar. There are real solutions to these conditions and no one needs to suffer alone or in silence. No one needs to die. 

Reading this makes me want to read more of Sheila's books.

My Rating: 5 stars. Why not?


  1. Maybe I should look into this! Thanks for the review!

    1. You're most welcome, Paula - it's an excellent book!


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