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Tuesday, 10 January 2017

Bookworm Meet-up

Last week I posted the titles I plan to read for this year's Alphabet Soup Reading Challenge. I've started All In by Mark Batterson, and it's excellent! I've finished Xingu by Edith Wharton, which was an enjoyable short story (about 64 pages). That one I listened to on audiobook. Missed a few words here and there, but got the gist of it. Pretty humorous.

I also read Overcomer: Breaking Down the Walls of Shame and Rebuilding Your Soul by Aubrey Sampson because I know people who suffer from anxiety and depression and want to learn more about it so I can be of better help. Depression is linked to feelings of guilt and shame and I thought this book did a good job of helping people work through those feelings from a spiritual basis.

In addition to the Batterson book, I'm currently reading Sheila Walsh's Loved Back to Life: How I found the courage to live free, a 'celebrity' memoir which focuses on this same subject (depression).  Sheila validates depression as a mental illness which can require pharmaceutical treatment. So often people in the church try to ascribe depression to a spiritual attack or lack of faith, delegitimatizing the very real medical aspect. This silences those who need help and to be heard. Can we please stop?

What are you reading right now? Anyone doing any kind of reading challenge?  


  1. These all sound like to good books. I am still reading A Year of Yes with Shonda Rimes. It is good. Not great! But good!

    1. I know I've heard of that book, Paula, but I can't remember if it's on my 'to-read' list. You'll be posting a review sometime?

    2. As soon as I finish! It is taking me forever and it is not a very long book. Around 200 pages!

    3. Sometimes that's the way it goes :)


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