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Saturday, 14 January 2017

Weigh-in Saturday

As of today I still have 8-10 pounds to lose in order to get back to the weight at which I feel best. I started reading The Engine 2 Seven-Day Rescue Diet by Rip Esselstyn, but haven't gotten too far into it with two other books already on the go. Hopefully I can get it read by the time it has to go back to the library, as I'd like to try it to kick-start this weight-loss year.

In the meantime, I did buy stretchy bands and a resistance band with handles in hopes of recommencing an exercise program as well as my physiotherapy exercises which have gone by the wayside. When it's clement enough to walk the dog, I will do that, but Leslie Sansone's indoor walking program offers a good workout when you can't get outside. 

I'm still in touch with my weight-loss partner, Cher, who is also struggling. She prepares meals for a family of five, all with different needs (one diabetic, one vegetarian, one dairy allergy), plus she's under a lot of stress and understandably gives in to emotional eating. Advance meal-planning doesn't work for her, but I'm going to try doing it again. I'm not into counting calories or food journaling, though I've done both before. I just don't have the time. So I will just have to make sure I'm making the healthiest food choices I can - more unprocessed foods like vegetables and fruit, less processed foods that are full of sugar, fat and salt, foods that are higher in fibre. And drink more water, which is always a downfall for me.

Most people say "ready, set, go," but today I say, "go, set, ready," because the important thing is to act, ready or not.

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