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Monday, 13 February 2017

Eliminate, Eradicate, Succeed

Many things in life can keep us from moving forward: past hurts, relationship baggage, miscommunications, incorrect thinking, poor choices, feelings of being overwhelmed, physical clutter, etc. In a way, these are "yesterday's junk."

Most of these can be dealt with: forgiving yourself and/or others, seeking wise counsel, asking for clarification, re-examining our thought processes, making better choices, delegating responsibilities, decluttering... so that we can reach for new things.

For myself, I know I need to deal with the excessive collection of papers and books in order to accomplish my creative goals and to find important things I've misplaced. I've been working away at this little by little, but I think it's time to set a more aggressive pace. The paper tiger keeps growing and I am starting to growl.

What junk do you need to let go of today to get where you want to be and meet your potential? Act now. As the saying goes, "there's no time like the present."


  1. Oh I love that quote. I think I have too much of yesterday's junk in my hands. I need to do something about that. Today I sent my grandson off to the Army! Not junk! But I did let him go!!

    1. Definitely not junk! I'm sure it wasn't easy letting him go, but it was something you needed to do, and I know you are oh so proud of him. I am proud of *you*, Paula!

  2. There is so much junk in my house, I literally don't know where to start. But I'll have to soon. Things get lost and need to be found.

    1. I can totally relate, Tamara. I have a few things missing amidst the mess and it is SO frustrating! Let's beat this beast together!


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