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Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Right Now

Drinking: Today it'll be 2-4 coffees and lots of water. I'll need it to stay awake after getting up so early (4:50 a.m.!)

Eating: I'm  at a day-long conference and had to leave early for the commute, so I'm eating out all day. Probably Tim Hortons (roll-up-the-rim begins today!) for breakfast and dinner; not sure where for lunch.

Reading: continuing to read the same books as I was reading last week

Watching: we watched Shaun the Sheep (7 stars) and Christmas Eve (4 stars) earlier this week, and finished off season 3 of Last Man Standing. Next we will probably watch Greater.

Listening: I was super-excited to find Rich Mullins' Brother's Keeper studio album CD at my local used music store and have been listening to it all week. Apart from the title track, I hadn't heard any of the songs previously. Who knew there was more of Rich Mullins to love?

Creating: meals for the seven-day rescue diet (smile)

Buying: ingredients needed for said menu

Pondering: the possible effects of political decisions that have been made since January 20th...

Anticipating: beginning the seven-day rescue diet tomorrow. Looking forward to positive results!

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  1. I just can't ponder those political decisions anymore! Crazy!! Can't wait to hear how the rescue diet goes.


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