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Wednesday, 15 February 2017

Right Now

Drinking: I was so tired this morning, I had a cup of half-caff coffee with one teaspoon of coconut sugar and a little almond milk. Right now I have a 28-oz bottle of reverse osmosis water in front of me.

Eating: For breakfast I had a small bowl of oatmeal with half a banana and one strawberry, cinnamon and ground flax; also with almond milk.

Reading: The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry by Rachel Joyce for this month's book club.

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Watching: We've watched two movies in the last couple of nights: The Captive (2014), which was awful (we only kept watching to try to figure out when the heck things were happening) and Brooklyn (2015), which was fabulous, though I thought the sex scene was gratuitous. I also fell in love with the name Eilis (pronounced 'Aylish' in the movie). I just checked and apparently it means 'pledged to God.' Cool.

Listening: The Message on Sirius XM.

Creating: Not much of anything but a mess. I'm determined to get back to my 'real' writing, though, beginning today, and to get serious about decluttering, especially the papers and books as they are keeping me from enjoying my space and having a clear mind. See Monday's post if you missed it.

Buying: I just ordered a few books for my Nook for the first time in years: How Christianity Changed the World by Alvin Schmidt, Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire (which I've already read) by Jim Cymbala, Spirit Rising, also by Cymbala, and The Beginner's Guide to Intercessory Prayer by Dutch Sheets. The only one I was really after was the first, but when I saw how well priced the other titles were and because I love the work of Jim Cymbala, I couldn't resist!

Pondering: God's Word and the need to daily put on the 'whole armour of God' as per Ephesians 6:11-18. I found the image below just now and plan to put it on my bathroom mirror so I can pray the armour on each morning as I'm getting ready to face the day.

Anticipating: The upcoming long weekend. We have Family Day on Monday. Not yet sure how we will mark it, but we should definitely incorporate something enjoyable that we can do together.

What are you anticipating?


  1. I love Brooklyn. I watched it when it came out on DVD and saw it again recently on HBO.


    1. A wonderful love story, suitable for Valentine's Day or anytime! <3

  2. Goodness, I had totally forgotten that this was a long weekend coming up! But I was right on with the rest of your post, even to what you had for breakfast, your taste in books and the urge to declutter. Haven't gotten to that last one yet today, but it's on the list, so there's still hope! Enjoy your weekend!

  3. It won't be a long weekend for us until next weekend! Enjoy yours


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