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Friday, 7 April 2017


Whatever you focus on is what you will see. This is as true with respect to your young adult children as it is with walking down the street and observing what's around you. If you're looking at the garbage truck making its rounds, you might miss the children at play in the schoolyard. If all your attention is focused on what your child is doing wrong, you may not notice all the wonderful things she is doing right. 

Philippians 4:8 reminds us to "fix [our] thoughts on what is true, and honorable, and right, and pure, and lovely, and admirable. Think about things that are excellent and worthy of praise." (NLT)

When we fix our thoughts and eyes where they ought to be fixed, it can do a lot to improve our outlook and attitude. This in turn has a domino effect on how we respond to and treat those around us. When we see our young adult children showing character excellence (e.g. honesty, kindness, forgiveness) or doing positive things (such as working hard, volunteering in the community, reaching out to those in need), it's important to let them know we notice.

Noticing leads to feelings of encouragement, a desire to continue, and healthy relationships. 

Used with permission by license.

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  1. This is a lovely post and works really well with your post for E - Encouragement!

  2. Fixing my attention on one positive can make the negatives easier to put up with and my day go better.


  3. Focus is much needed. The goal is clear & success is sure!
    'Fear Of Failure' #AtoZChallenge

  4. Such true words. It is hard to find something when you have made up your mind it can't be where you wind up finding it.

    1. Yes it is - this happened to my husband just a few days ago! "I didn't think it could be there, so I didn't even look."

  5. I really need to figure out how I can live these words!

    1. We can all improve, Paula; we can all improve :)


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