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Friday, 14 April 2017


As I'll mention in my 'sacrifice' post, most parents give up certain things in order to benefit their children. They recognize that once they have a child it's no longer all about themselves.

We have to be careful, though, that we don't neglect our self-care, and that often happens as well. It should not. You can't really look after anyone else satisfactorily if you're neglecting yourself. If you're still in the early stages of parenting, now would be a good time to correct this mistake. If like me, your children are young adults and you've set your own wants and needs aside for too long, now is the time to live. Now is the time to thrive.

Your children don't want you to live your life vicariously through them. They want to have their own lives, apart from you, in which they make their own decisions about education, career, relationships, accommodation, etc. 

Today is Easter Friday. Traditionally, on Easter weekend we get together with my mom and sometimes other family members to celebrate Christ's resurrection with a special meal. I have just learned that my daughter doesn't want to go out of town to my mom's church. My son is no longer certain of spiritual things and is indifferent about the occasion. I have decided that regardless of what they do, my husband and I will go to my mom's. I am an only child and she has no one else close enough (geographically or emotionally) to share the holiday. 

Just as your children want their independence at this life stage, it's important to have yours. You can still help and support them as necessary, but don't get in the way of their moving forward into adult lives that are distinct from yours. 

Take a class
You only live once on this earth. Make sure your time here is well spent. Follow your dreams, travel, enjoy your work and hobbies, engage in meaningful volunteer/service work, develop your relationship with your spouse and friends, get involved at your place of worship. These are things you'll still have when your children leave home. Your lack of clinging will make visits a joy and not an obligation.

If you need something to move your heart into the right place, this song may be just the ticket:

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