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Saturday, 29 April 2017


Of course I'm not advocating that you yell at your child, even though that may sometimes happen. It's not easy to hold it together all the time whether you're a parent or just a human being living on this planet. 

Yelling (or screaming) into a pillow is perfectly okay, and no one needs to know. Or maybe you just need to vent to your spouse/partner or a trusted friend. That's okay too, as long as the other party understands what's expected. Are you looking for advice, brainstorming/ problem-solving, or just to be heard? Lay it out to avoid frustration on either side. 

If venting to another person sounds too much like complaining or whining, try writing things down in a journal (print or digitized). Sometimes sharing your thoughts with someone, even if it's just yourself, is all you need to process what's happening in your life and to get a new perspective on things.

Yell. If nothing else, it's good for your lungs. 

What do goats have to do with yelling, you ask? Click and listen:

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  1. A few of those goats have some serious good lungs. They know how to get your attention!WeekendsInMaine

    1. They sure do! I didn't realize goats could yell like that until I wrote this post!

  2. Poor goats. I try not to yell, but often fail. I wish I had ear plugs when my kids use their lungs.

    Y is for the Yellowstone Conspiracy

    1. A child's scream can be piercing, for sure. I'm confident every parent tries her best to avoid yelling, but it's certainly challenging to succeed 100% of the time.


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