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Saturday, 20 May 2017

Weekly Weigh-In

So I'm having trouble following the naturopath's regimen. There's not a lot he asked me to change (probably realizing it's best to make just a few small changes and add others in increments), but still...

Here's what he wants from me: 

1) add one tablespoon of healthy fat to each meal (e.g. coconut oil, flax seed oil, hemp oil, avocado oil, olive oil)  

2) add two tablespoons of flax seed or hemp seed to each meal

3) ensure that I'm getting protein at each meal 

4) before lunch and dinner take two pills to address a particular issue I'm having

5) continue taking my multi-vitamin and vitamin D supplements

In addition to being "good for you," the oil is supposed to help fill you up so you can go without eating between meals. When I've remembered to do it, it works pretty well. Protein also works to that end, though I often don't get much protein at breakfast unless I'm having oatmeal.

Anyway, my weight remains steady. No changes there. Two weeks to go before I see the naturopath again.

How are you doing with healthy eating/weight loss? Any specific things that are proving helpful?


  1. I lost four pounds in about ten days. I eat one "main" meal of the day, which includes protein and lots of veggies, and have added a protein shake with fruit instead of snacking. I've also given up Diet Coke in favor of cucumber water and water with fruit. I prepare the waters myself instead of buying them in bottles. I'm no longer tip-toeing around the healthier eating/lose weight thing and have entered into it whole heartedly. How do you add the oil to your diet?


    1. Sounds great, Janie - congrats on your success to date! I add oil to my diet by putting it in my oatmeal, pouring it over salads and veggies, mixing it with soup and that sort of thing.

  2. I need to get on some kind of plan. It is easier in the summer for me!

    1. Probably because there are so many fresh veggies and fruits in season! Best of luck!

  3. UGH, my weight won't budge. I eat cleanly and I go to the gym and work out at least 3 times a week. I don't eat bread or pasta, stick to proteins and mostly green veggies. I drink lots of water. I guess its just old age.

    1. That is frustrating, Debby. I get it. There was a time I was restricting myself to one sweet treat a week but otherwise was doing everything right. My weight didn't budge either.

      Do you have any other issues, besides age, which none of us can help (e.g. thyroid)? I am hypo, which probably doesn't help.


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