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Thursday, 1 June 2017

Right Now

Drinking: Herbal tea (first thing this morning), coffee (a bit later), and starting to succeed at 32 oz of water a day. The coffee cost me 2,000 in points at the gas station. It had been a long time since I’d “bought” my coffee there and couldn’t believe the hike!

Eating: So far today I’ve had honey nut Cheerios, gluten-free brown bread with peanut butter, flax bread with chick-pea spread, baby carrots with hummus, curried rice salad, melon, a brownie, and yogurt with strawberries. I’m making a very easy bean soup recipe for supper, loaded with good things like kale and other veggies. Haven’t tried it before, so hope everyone enjoys it!

Reading: Just finished Steven Curtis Chapman’s autobiography (review coming Tuesday). Continuing to read Living in the Spirit by George O. Wood and There’s a Fly in My Tea! by Crystal Ratcliff.

Watching: Watched an episode of the Canadian television show Kim’s Convenience last night. Not bad and will watch another episode or two before deciding whether it’s worth my time.

Listening: Hilary Scott and the Scott Family CD, Love Remains.

Creating: mostly blog posts at present. I’ve been too busy working to do much else.

Buying: groceries. Nothing too exciting.

Anticipating: my son’s birthday tomorrow. Also, getting more work done in the garden. Yesterday my husband and a friend dug out our dogwoods and planted Japanese yews. Hopefully a good exchange. They also removed the creeping juniper, and we need to plant the Dragon’s blood sedum we bought to replace it.

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