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Thursday, 29 June 2017

Right Now

Apologies for not posting more regularly lately. Just been busy! And yesterday there was no Hodgepodge. But for all those who are interested, here's what I'm up to right now:

Drinking: Had French vanilla flavoured coffee this morning, and a kefir-based smoothie. I think I found the recipe online. It was pretty simple: 1/2 cup kefir (mine was strawberry and banana), 1/2 cup plain yogurt and 1 cup of frozen berries (I used strawberries). It was pretty tangy at first sip so I added a teaspoon of maple syrup. It could have used more, but I managed. The naturopath says fermented foods may be beneficial for me, so I'm trying...

Eating: I had a small bowl of plain Cheerios for breakfast, and the smoothie. For lunch I have a garden salad, raspberry dressing, a plain dinner roll, and an oatmeal muffin with flax and dried cranberries. Still not sure what I'm having for supper, but I'm leaning toward quinoa.

Reading: Just started a couple of new books - Black Ice by Linda Hall and When God Says Wait by Elizabeth Thompson. Enjoying both so far.

Watching: Been too busy for movies lately, but I'll probably watch something this weekend. Should probably choose something quintessentially Canadian seeing as we celebrate our 150th on Saturday!

Listening: Just the radio, when I'm driving to and from work.

Creating: The odd blog post, the odd novel revision.

Buying: Nothing but the essentials; the bank account is struggling to keep up with the bills these days.

Anticipating: Canada Day weekend! A get-together with neighbours on Saturday and the church picnic Sunday. And friends over tonight for dessert and games!

What are you anticipating?


  1. Hi Susan, I hope to introduce Kefir into my diet, too, for probably the same reason as you. I hear it tastes really good though? Your post gave me the impression that you felt it needed sweetener. Is that the case?
    Have a wonderful Canada Day -- and happy Canada day birthday to you and your lovely family. I'll be taking in a tour (watch my FB, wink, wink).

    1. Kefir isn't bad - has somewhat of a sour tang, so for me it definitely needed some sweetener! We'll have to chat off the blog about our reasons for including it in our diet ;)

      Hope you have a wonderful Canada Day also. What a privilege to live in this country! I'm keeping my eye open on your FB page :)

  2. Happy Canada Day! I have to admit that I had to look up kefir. It doesn't sound appealing to me.

    1. I won't be drinking it every day ;) Thanks for the Canada Day wishes!


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