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Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Hello, Summer!

I know it was officially summer on June 21, but for us the real kick-off was July 1, Canada Day. If you're American, perhaps summer really begins for you on July the 4th. Regardless of when it starts, the season usually brings a change (or changes) in routine, and that's certainly true for me.

Some bloggers give themselves a two month break at this time of year. I'm not going to do that, but my blogging will become a little more sporadic. I'll try to keep up with some 'right now' posts and many #FridayFives. I'll also pen the odd book review. Hopefully that will be enough to keep us connected through July and August.

Have a wonderful summer and I hope you'll check in here now and again. I'll try to do the same and visit your blog posts!


  1. Hope you enjoy your slow down. I must be doing the same thing as I am not blogging as much as I do in the winter!

    1. Summer is when we all get out and enjoy after too many months of being cooped up! Enjoy your summer, Paula!


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